Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy V-day!

Well first off, let me just say Happy Valentines Day to y'all. Or Anti-Valentines Day if that's more your thing. I apologize for the lack of posts recently--life has just felt a bit crazytown around here recently. Let me start off by sharing with you the fabulously lovely red tulips that my husband brought home the other night for me: 

I know, he's a keeper... 

I also got a little love from the kiddos at school. It's a random assortment at best: 

Mushrooms from one student (hmm...the gift you can innocently give your teacher only when you're little) and my "name" written by another (don't you just love the spelling, btw?)

Here were the valentines from the elementary students: 

 In case you can't make out the writing: "Dear Talia, you'r very nice. And I like your daughter and you. Signature, Aaliya. Beautiful aint it?

For the Frenchies: "De la part de Salomé: Talia Je tais us come maitresse en Panda est toute mes journée j'ai envie dis i reourné." Haha also known as a very badly spelled version of "From Salomé: Talia, I had you as a Panda teacher (such a lie! Apparently my former student has amnesia and forgot that I was actually her first teacher--the Froggy teacher) and every day I want to go back there." Cute in a very grammatically incorrect way :)

And last but not least--this one I'll have to keep around for those I hate my life or fat pants days ;)

Well, more to come soon, I promise to be a bit more regular here! In the meantime, I was actually honored a little while back to be interviewed by a fellow expat blogger named Melissa, who actually came with me to Europe the first time I hopped on a plane to come here! She runs a fabulous blog called The Intentional Expat and you can check out my interview if you're interested, here
See you soon! :) 


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