Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Happy Holidays Part 2

Merry Christmas late for the second time in a row! :) I just like to be different, what can I say...

So I shared a couple of things that we were up to in Colombes (our suburb of Paris) leading up to the holidays but I hadn't yet gotten around to telling you what were up to during the actual holiday. Last Christmas was in Oregon so this one we spent with Matt's family in the Brittany region of France. 

Let me tell you, when you live in the Paris area (esp. we you're an in-the-closet-tree-hugger from the west coast) getting away from the daily grind is like a breath of fresh air! Suddenly in no particular order you find yourself surrounded by trees, space, and smiling faces. 

There may have been some family walks, some ice skating, and some general good-time having by all. 

These are my two sisters in law, Anne and Lucile,--aren't they just  beeautiful? 


The biggest outing by far, however, was our trip to a place called Puy du Fou. I had never been to this place but I have to say it was the definitely the cat's pajamas. How to describe it? They call themselves a theme park but it's basically a private medieval village with rotating biannual themes. I'm sure you'll be shocked when I tell you the current theme was Christmas. Complete with fake snow falling from I never figured out where, the place was decked to the hilt for the holidays. 

I looved the old school carousel. Here's Liv living it up (is that redundant?) with two of her cousins... 

In the main 'place' at one point the buildings put on a little show for us. We got serenaded from the windows by our lovely musicians (ps. just a fyi: they're not real people). 

Here's a close-up: (please don't ask me what instrument she's playing--I really have no clue)

And who doesn't love giant paintings stuck out in the woods surrounded by a blanket of fresh fake snow? 

Another show we got to watch, this time with real musicians singing Christmas carols...

But the real show, by far, was this one, that we had tickets for inside the theater there. It was called the miracle of Christmas and while I was expecting something along the lines of a hallmark card commercial, it was actually the nativity story. Very well done, I might add! I loved all the special effects. 


So there you have it! Christmas with the Sanders! (The rest of them I mean!) Hope yours was just as merry! 


Unknown said...

Such good memories, thank you Talia for re-living them for us!

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