Monday, December 17, 2012

Warning, baby post!

Yes, yes, yes... I promise you all I still am alive. So is the mini Sanders for that matter. Just ran into a rough patch there with the end of Fall Term craziness and you know, being pregnant and all... :) I promise to get back to Part 2 of the last post, but there's been so much happening fairly suddenly this week that I felt a need to interrupt the Frenchy posts. The first interesting bit of news is that we just had our mid-prego ultrasound this past week. Somehow despite me and all my fabulous Talia clumsiness, the baby is in great health (I could have told the doctor that though by all the kicks I've been receiving!). We also found out this lil' bit of info... 

That's right; we're going to have a lil' Sanders lady! We're thrilled and I can't stop thinking about all the clothing and nursery potential abounding (hey, it's only a limited time before she won't be letting me dress and decorate her room, so a mom-to-be's gotta take advantage of it while she's got it!). The last bit of news isn't so great. Apparently Baby S (that's S for Sanders and not Shakira) just can't wait to come out and meet us and is already head down, putting quite a lot of pressure on my cervix. Yep, Talia has been officially put on early maternity leave. Until the baby is born. My that's a long time. (April 21st is her due date)  I'll find out later this week if that means full out bed rest or just takin' it easy until it's time for her to make an appearance. But hey, more time for blogging, right? :) 

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