Thursday, January 1, 2015

Bonne Année

Think about this for a second: Y2K was 15 years ago. That legitimately blows my mind. Let's all just take a moment to ponder that.

Anyways, moving on, it's 2015 and the start of a new year! As the French would say Bonne Année! (All January long, I might add...) We rang in the new year at our church with animations, lots of food and some bubbly. (Not very unique but definitely a tried and true formula...) 

Since January is the month for retrospection, I thought it very fitting to do a little reflection myself about what I want out of the next year of my life. And yes, I even decided to hop onto the bandwagon of--dare I say it--goal setting. Yep, you heard it--I am embracing being one of 'them' this January. So without further ado, here are my three goals for 2015:

1. More, more, mooore life in my life. Sound redundant? What I mean is I want more God, more skype chats, more happy living, more rolling on the floor with Livia, more blessing others, more laughs, more date nights, more moments that count and less computer, less zoning, less TV, less complaining, less go-it-ing on my own, less waiting until I'm running on empty to refill my tank. 

2. Giving up a perfect standard that is always just on the horizon and embracing all encompassing, all-powerful, grace. Grace for me, grace for others.  

3. Getting fitter than I was pre-baby. Call me crazy, but I think it would just be the bees' knees to be in better shape after having a baby than I was in the first place. Currently I am only 2-3 kilos (about 5 pounds) away from my pre-baby weight so I consider this completely legit. I'm on the high end of the BMI healthy range index and I'd love it if I could slip on down to the mid-range. (Don't worry, I'd stop there as my body frame won't permit me to go much lower than that) 
           And what better way to do just that than with gambling? Just kidding--but there is betting involved. Betting on myself that is! Starting January 5th I'm going to be joining the DietBet 4 week challenge. The way it works is you put 30 dollars into the pot and have 4 weeks to lose 4% of your body weight. Ambitious, but still within a healthy weight-loss range. At the end, whoever manages to successfully lose the 4% splits the money in the pot with the others. Not too shabby, huh? If everyone succeeds then all you lose are a few pounds, not the money you put in originally. Okay, now who's with me? You know you want to... 

Well there you have them! I hope you all had a fantabulous (but safe!) New Years! Happy 2015! 


Unknown said...

Une belle année commence chez les Sanders Junior, avec la forme au TOP! En tous cas, continue les blogs en 2015, on aime!

Talia said...

Merci Agnès! Je suis très contente que ça plaise! :)

Fillah said...

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