Monday, April 6, 2015

Oh Happy Day

Oh happy day. It's Easter. Fabulous, soul-saving Easter.. I love Easter. I really do. Have you ever  noticed that everything around you screams Easter at this time of year? And I'm not talking about the chocolate egg aisle at your local grocery store either. (Although I admit those screams are pretty tempting...) In France, more so than in Oregon where I grew up, I feel like you can especially feel it. We have enough evergreens in Oregon to not make nature feel butt-naked but here in the Paris area life outside feels very dead during the winter months (and when you think that the majority of it is paved in concrete, I guess it kinda is...). In an oceanside state where you differentiate 3 seasons out of 4 by the amount of rainfall people learn that you might as well just throw a raincoat on it and call it good. In fact the first few months I lived over here (oh let's be honest--it lasted longer than that) I had to hide a grin every time I saw Frenchies frantically running for an awning to hide out under during a downpour. Until I realized that it actually makes sense here. In the Pacific Northwest, if you tried attempting that, you'd be waiting all day for that rain to let up (and maybe then some). Weather changes rapidly here so when it's nice out you seize on it; when it's not, you hibernate. When spring rolls around, those first tentative buds practically scream new life. Matt and I joke about how we get to know our neighbors again every year once spring hits. People venture out. Cafe's put out patio furniture and you can even find bikini clad sunbathers taking over the local parks (never really understood that phenomenon btw). Every spring Paris is reborn.

I love how everything around me reverberates with fresh new life come March and April. I love the cherry blossoms, the wild bulbs that sprout out of the most random places. I love how I come to life with every fresh start and each new time I take to soak up the life bringing message of Easter. The truth is I don't deserve the kind of grace that God has lavished on this brittle heart of mine. But just like my butt-naked trees I know that he will bring about something organic in all that brown and black should I choose to let him. Happy Easter to all of you. 


Unknown said...

So true! Now you are a real parisian, running in and out according to the weather forecast!
We are so proud of how you can change challenges into positive adventures. Well done, well written, Talia!

Talia said...

Ahh, thanks Agnès! I'm blushing! :)

Fillah said...

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