Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pumpkins, Penguins, and a Halloween Party!

Hey all! We just got back a couple of days ago from a much needed week-long vacation in Morocco--more on that to come soon... (and trust me, there is a lot of awesome randomness to come!) But first, here's a little late Halloween hello to all of you from us... 

Gone are the years where we can get away with Halloween quietly slipping by, but hey, this cute little penguin was worth all of the labor of love that this little diy costume was (that'd be because I suck at sewing not because it was all that difficult). 

In case you're wondering how I did it, I actually had all of the materials already on hand (I call them my craft fail stash). I found it ridiculously hard to find an all black baby t-shirt anywhere so I actually used dark gray fabric dye to dye a plain white tee. All of the rest of the details came from felt pieces that I cut out and sewed on with my handy sewing machine. Her feet are actually just felt pieces sewed on to elastic bands and slipped over her feet; and her eyes and beak were hot glued together and then put onto a safety pin (I could have glued them directly onto her hat but I wanted to keep it as a normal hat for future use). 

In keeping with the penguin theme of the evening, Matt and I dressed up as...can you guess? 

Bert and Mary Poppins of course! 

Our good friends Paul and Kelsey dressed up as a priest and a pregnant nun...pretty awesome huh? 

Ooh, scandalous ;) 

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!