Thursday, March 27, 2014

A few things from life at chez Sanders

It's like that conversation that you have with your best friend Jenny from highschool that you haven't seen since the last time you were back home and so much has happened in the mean time that when she asks you "What's new?" the only appropriate reply is pretty much "Oh, nothing really..." and then you both stand there awkwardly, footshifting (yay for creating new words!). Sorry for not writing. Sorry for kinda disappearing off the face of the planet.  I kept meaning to write that next post and then nada. So in honor of attempting to not have the above conversation with you, in no particular order, here is a random list of what's happened in the past few months: 

  • My baby girl turned 11 months old!! 
  • We recently caught her playing with an exploded diaper wrangled out of the dirty diaper pail...lovely.
  • I got my Indian Bollywood Dance on at our school's Indian Festival (don't worry, I destroyed any video evidence)
  • I hosted a nursery helper brunch and meeting to which I was an hour late to
  • I broke out in full body hives for over two weeks due to stress (no it wasn't nursery related, but it could have been!) 
  • I flew halfway across the world with my 8 month old and survived. 
  • I forgot to finish cleaning the electric kettle and left vinegar in it... which Matt so kindly emptied for me by heating it, herbally infusing it (that means tea people), and then consuming it. 
  • I watched my baby learn how to crawl, then pull up to standing, then walk (okay not the last one, just testing ya...) 
  • I promptly installed babyproofing magic on the living room buffet. And then re-installed it when I did it wrong the first time. And again. Yikes...babyproof or adultproof? Seriously, ya need a phd for these buggers... 
  • Started getting up early to workout (bring it on Jillian Michaels)...
  •  Told Livia 'no' for the first time. She laughed.
  • Ran out of diapers and was stranded at my parents home in the states... yes, out came my old cloth diaper squares (now used as dust cloths) with chips bag clips to work as clothespins...
  • Celebrated Matt's 35th birthday 
  • Watched our awesome friends Paul and Kelsey become parents! 
  • Realized that my daughter is in love with books. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree me thinks... 
  • Got addicted to fashion blogs. 
  • Found out my sis and her husband are moving to the States from excited! 
  • Got stranded for hours (6 to be exact) out in the middle of warehouse land while looking for the Chronopost headquarters all for a pair of boots that turned out to be too small 
  • Had said boots stretched twice but to no avail. Natalie, want them? 
  • Learned how to carry an almost toddler and stroller up many flights of stairs on a daily basis...I am woman, hear me roar... 
  • Got free metro tickets for several days due to Paris' pollution problem. 
  • Realized I turn 30 in nine days
  • Redid my kitchen (yes, I walk on the wild side, I know) 
  • Am finally getting this whole working part time mommy gig down... 

And there you have it. More from the Sanders household later! 


Kelsey said...

Love it! And the pic of her standing!!! Glad we made the list. :)

Talia said...

Of course! How could you guys not? ;)

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