Sunday, August 4, 2013

Home again home again diggity dog

Aaaand it's officially over. Vacay, that is. Back to life, back to reality and all that good stuff. Actually honestly I'm kind of relieved to no longer be living out of a suitcase. We've been everywhere from the coast of Brittany to Dijon (yes, where the mustard comes from) to Switzerland. We've 'eaten' a lot of kilometers as the French like to say, yessir. And home feels great to come back to, minus the whiny cat (but hey, at least she'll actually like me for the next day or two).

Here would be a few snapshots from our recent travels:

Hanging out with Matt's family...quick, everyone play "Where's Livia?"

First swimming experience for the Livster 

Watching this 

The hottest wedding eva. Litterally. Think high 90's (or 30's depending on what country you're in right now), high humidity, no AC, and 9 hours (short for a wedding in these parts). That poor couple in their fancy duds. 

Walking around Switzerland

Apparently shooting up is not permitted on the bridge for fear that the troll might want to as well 

Liv's first real swimming experience in Lake Geneva 

Well, now I'm off to unpack a suitcase or two... or maybe collapse on the couch... (why is it that doing nothing in a car all day is so draining?)