Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How getting knocked up in France is different than the US of A

First of all, lets just start off with this pic, shall we? Classy I know. 

That's the pregnancy glow for ya (it brings out your inner coolness).
Ok now I should probably throw in a disclaimer: I have been pregnant all of three weeks in the states. I also wasn't showing yet since it was my first trimester. So everything I've gleaned about preggo ladies in the states has been taken from friends/family and American pregnancy websites. I apologize in advance if I misrepresent you fellow rotund future mommies. 

I present to you, the battle of the pregos: 
The Frenchy vs. the American  pregos, that is...

US of A: 
Length of pregnancy :
40 weeks
41 weeks
Who delivers your baby :
A midwife
Pregnancy mantra :
Eating for two, yeeahh!
9 months of dieting. Boo.
Recommended weight gain :
11.3-15.8 kilos/25-35 lbs (for the average woman)
12 kilos/26.4 lbs (no range, period.)
Maternity wear:
Dress up that bump!
Biggest Prego fears:
Doing something to harm baby.
Gaining too much weight. (ok, probably it’s the same as for Americans but this is def a close second!)
What not to do:
Drink alcohol, caffeinated beverages, herbal tea, eat spicy food, deli meat cuts, seafood, under cooked meat, dye your hair, paint the nursery, go in hot tubs/saunas, smoke, do drugs, lie flat on your back, change the litter box.
Drink alcohol (officially, although quite a few French women will have a bit), eat seafood, sushi/uncooked salmon, unpasteurized cheese, any kind of meat from Spain or Alsace(ie. charcuterie), bleeding meat, junk food, smoke (although too many women still do this while prego), do drugs, gain extra pregnancy weight, so much as even look at the cat. 

Average Cost:
·         2,800-4,740 $ with insurance
·         11,000-17,800 $ without insurance
·         Zilch with basic insurance
·         Between 0-30% of medical costs months 1-6, 0% months 6-9 without insurance (just Soc. Sec.)
Bottle of Prenatal Vitamins
Folic acid, iron
Pregnancy bible:
What to expect when you’re expecting
J’attends un enfant
Controversial topics:
Stay at home or work, breastfeed or bottle, attachment parenting or cry it out, epidural or natural birth
Kind of breastfeeding…although the debate isn't as intense.
Maternity leave:
4-12 weeks (varies)
6 weeks before baby is born, 10 weeks after (all paid)
Biggest pre-baby perk:
No one yells at you for eating that slice of cake and a lot more people are nice to you
Government financial assistance for low to mid income earning families (900 euros up front and then a monthly stipend after birth)