Friday, February 22, 2013

Bébé Shower!!

I am convinced that baby showers were thought up to help us prego women not lose our sanity completely and do something really stupid (i.e. finally strangle that person in the grocery store who can't resist giving you unsolicited advice, slap the person at church who tells you how fat you're getting, declare to the world that you'll never be pregnant again, put out a hit out on the supermodel of your choice, etc). I thought I'd take a moment to write about a few differences between an American and a French baby shower. Oh wait, just kidding. They don't exist here!

Well, let me clarify: in Paris, baby showers are one of the American phenomenons that are slowly making their way over here but I have yet to actually hear of a real French woman who's done one. Mainly I read about them occasionally in parenting magazines as this glamorous and trendy thing you can do to impress all your Parisian girlfriends with how anglophone you are. Yes, they rank up there with "brunching", bagels, cupcakes, and smoothies (pronounced in Paris as smooties...). Go for one of those and you're ever so trendy.

I was lucky enough to have some fabulous American friends of mine throw me one this past weekend. There were all the usual goodies to nosh cute decor (I consider it a sign that the baby will be cute We skipped the games and went straight for the chatting, eating, and gift opening (some of my favorite past times!). After all, we didn't want to shock the Frenchies too badly (trust me, people forced to eat disgusting baby food = not the world's best combo in France). 

Frankly Baby S was pretty darn spoiled. Here's my fantabulous friend Kelsey who took all these pictures and was one of the conspirators in the planning. Yes, we are that cool. 

Below is just about everyone who turned out for it except one or two girls who had to head out a little early. Please overlook the giant horizontal line running across my belly. We super pregnant women just have to make do with the maternity fashion available to us... (ps like how they have me next to some of the shortest people in the room... I look way too tall for my own good...) 

And here is what my friend Kristine (the one in the middle) affectionately likes to call the Fatty Club. All of us pregos are arranged in birth givin' order (can you tell who's the soonest to pop?? hint: her name starts with a T and rhymes with Balya)... 

Here are the beautiful women who made it all possible! 

Thanks girls, I owe you one!

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Kelsey said...

Happy to do it and shower you with love! (haha, i do love a good pun). can't wait to meet the little princess!!