Saturday, May 12, 2012

Vacay is over

Okay so actually it ended a few weeks ago but Picnik just had to go and quit on me...thus forcing me to download this Picassa thang that everyone claims is soo easy but what they really mean is that your computer will be taken over and rearranged (therefore hiding all your vacation pics!) and you'll be confused as heck for about two weeks until suddenly one day, countless frustrating sessions later, it will somehow all make sense. At least I think it does. Maybe I'm speaking too soon.  

Well anyways... for those of you with good memories, you might remember that I mentioned that my parents were coming for their first visit in Franceland! It was a fantabulous visit; we split the two weeks in half between Paris (week one) and various road trips (week two) to Normandy, Burgundy, and the Mayenne region. 

We did all kinds of good things:

Like go everywhere in Paris by bus. Seriously. My parents were experts in the art of seat grabbing by the end of the week. Here are the little troopers waiting at the stop nearest our place for another day of adventures. 

And then what kind of daughter would I be if I didn't mooch off some of their fabulous home making skills... Good thing my dad intervened with this shelf in my living room...under that lovely greige paint color is lots of brick/concrete so let's just say my drill had only gone so far when I put 'er up there...leaving a drooping, un-flush gianormous shelf. Yep, takes talent. 

Lot of pics! 

Lots of chateaux as well! 

This one was just a day trip outside of Paris. Super pretty with a lake in the backyard (I mean, doesn't everyone have a giant lake/forest for a back yard??) 

Of course, what would the trip have been without our fabulous (and cute!) chauffeur? 

And it rained. The entire time. No joke. It even hailed on us once or twice.

But hey, in spite of the awful weather, isn't spring in France still gorgeous? 

Next post: Burgundy! 


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh! The memories.... I guarantee we got wet, but nothing could dampen our spirits and utter enjoyment of the time with Matt and Tal, the gorgeous, and I mean GORGEOUS scenery and all that fabulous food! Talia you were an amazing hostess and Matt an amazing chauffer. Thank you more than we can ever say.

I love you, mom

Kelsey said...

Looks great! Can't wait to hear more!

joycelynn51 said...

Wonderful! Can't wait to get back there myself.