Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Green Cauliflower

I'm sorry, but the cauliflower previously mentioned was just begging for a picture...


Kelsey said...

that thing looks scary. i can't believe it's edible. did you find out what it really was?

Judi said...

Hi, Talia,

As I'm typing this, I imagine you're on an airplane flying home for Christmas. I truly hope your flight into Portland goes as planned. Lots of snow here, as I'm sure you've heard. Actually, today in Eugene, we pretty much had rain. However, Portland has been a big mess! Carrie & family are here from Chicago, and they think it looks just like Chicago with all the snow.

I can't wait for the little boys to spend Christmas here. :-) They are sooooooooo cute! :-)

I'm anxious to see you over the holidays while you're in the States. Lovely photos! Grandma got a good laugh over the brocoli/cauliflower incident. :-)

See you soon! Love, Aunt Judi

T. Anderson said...

I have seen this in the store and even touched it ... too weird!