Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Random Collection of Pictures From '07-08

Didn't see pics last year? No worries, here's a random mix from my collection!
La Tour Eiffel
A Church in Rouen

Jodi and I enjoying a little of the French life...

my first demonstration!

One of the Normandy D-day Beaches

Those huge chunks are part of a
temporary dock set up over 60 yrs ago...

Jodi trying to flirt with the Frenchies

Linda making crepes...

Kelsey freezing
in the haunted house

down to the left: hanging out at Sacre Couer with my Australian friend Kaetlyn

Being a nerd with Charis & Matt

cute, huh?

this is why I'm marrying the kid

the poor guy couldn't hold a silly face...

I think
when we

Looking thoughtful at the Louvre

Charis and I visiting the Louvre in Paris

Boardwalk to
a small town
in Northern

The random fencing match we stumbled on in Italy...

Eiffel Tower

my lad... isn't he handsome??

building and palm in a small Italian border town

viewpoint shot of Grenoble, France

Matt's friends David and Sophie in Grenoble

I don't really know what this is..

small hill town on the French Riviera
exploring the Normandy coast..


A cathedral in Caen, France

Italian flowers on the boardwalk
A church in Rouen, France

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