Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Beginning

Ok, so here's the story: the frenchies have finally decided that I'm ok to enter the country--I'll be leaving on the 5 of October. Of course, providing that they don't change their minds again... :) This handsome guy will be waiting and just as soon as I'm finished with the jet-lag fiasco we'll get on to the business of being engaged, eating French pastries, and soaking up the good life in Paris. Rough life huh? Ok, I will be attempting to work too: the building in the background is actually part of the bible institute that will become my home for the next 10 months (can we say hello dorms again!?). I'll be volunteering around the campus doing odd jobs in exchange for room and board. In addition, I get to teach a young adult English class, privately tutor, and maybe (dare I say it?) conquer this darn French language finally! Let the adventures begin!


Judi said...

Hi, Talia! I think this is where I'm supposed to post my comments (commentaire) :-)
How fun to see a bit of your new life and your "lad". :-) Makes me miss Paris. Maybe someday I can come over and see you guys!Bob and I just got back from a short trip to Northern California. We went salmon fishing on the Klamath River yesterday. We stayed two nights across the street from "Trees of Mystery" with a giant statue of Paul Bunyan and his ox (Babe? Blue?--can't remember) :-) Anyway, we went there 33 years ago on our honeymoon. :-) We posed again in front of the "I Love You" carved heart. Ahh....our anniversary was this Saturday. :-)

Have a wonderful trip back. I want to get the photos of the applesauce making party to you before you head back.

I'm subbing tomorrow (Thursday) and Friday at the middle school in Coquille. Should be fun to see everyone again. :-)

Love, Aunt Judi

Unknown said...

We fully agree that the guy is handsome ... ok, so we are his parents, we're still objective, no?

Paul & Agnès