Thursday, September 19, 2013

Embrace the crazy

To be completely honest with y'all (I like to pretend that I'm from the south sometimes) I've been in a bit of a writing slump lately. It's not that there isn't stuff to write about (I mean, heck one of our new kids at school is named Armada, as in, the Spanish kind...) but lately the desire just hasn't really been there. I think it might be due to a sort of transition phase that I'm going through right now. You see, a couple of weeks ago school started. And after 9 months away from it, I started right back up with it. Half time that is. Yep, that's right: I'm a bonafide part-time working gal part-time stay-at-home mamma...whatever that means. And even though I knew the transition to my now 'real life' might be difficult in theory, I wasn't prepared for just how mixed up, confused, and lost I'd feel during it. I shouldn't be surprised, but nothing is as it used to be, even teaching. I still love it, am still sure of my decision to go for a half time, but I find myself lacking the confidence I used to own. Because this new mom card doesn't just get thrown in with all the other titles I use to identify yours truly with, it's become a sort of lens through which I see so many of my other roles. One thing I know for reals now is that I have a profound respect for moms everywhere. To the full time SAHMs (that's cool internet code for Stay At Home Mom): you rock. Honestly, it is amazing to get to spend so much time with your little ball of chub but let's not pretend it's always smiles and giggles. I mean, there is a whole lot of this that goes on:
Yes, just keepin' it real here. Life is not all Pinstagram all the time. 

In case you were wondering what that is on my shirt, here's a closer peek:

Ok, now that you've just thrown up in your mouth, let's move on to you working mamas. As in, how the heck do you do it?? I'm seriously considering instating a pat your working self on the back for just getting out the door alive program. 

Work mornings tend to look a little like this:

Yes, pure chaos. And when Momma ain't happy, no ones happy. 

One of these days they tell me that this will all get better. My little perfectionist self will get the routine down. It won't always be perfect (and probably laughably far from it at that) but at least I'll feel more comfortable with this new me. And then we'll add Number 2. Haha just kidding--hopefully I'll get this down before we're at that stage! :)