Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Preparing cat for baby...or not.

We might have a problem. A feline sized problem. The way I see it, there are two facets to this lovely new pet-sized bump in the road that all those "How to prepare pet for baby" articles just do not cover. 

Problem numero uno: my relationship with my cat is actually getting much better (despite the same usual bétise on her part and all those hormonal mood swings on my part). This is a problem because the reason it's getting better appears to be largely due to the fact that Fifi thinks all of the new installations happen to be in her honor. 

Exhibit A: the new toy shelf in the baby room

Exhibit B: The future changing table (which until recently was her favorite napping spot until Exhibit C came along...) 

Exhibit C: Clearly she is confused. Is she a baby, or a cat? 

She's made herself quite at home too.

Problem numero dos: While being pregnant, we have discovered that Fifi is pedophobic. No not a pedophile (at least I hope not!) but pedophobic. Yes that's a fear of infants and small children (Wikipedia it if you don't believe me!). I think what she really needs is a cat shrink but apparently only horses are special enough to get a whisperer. And don't be fooled by the innocent look.

Just a few days ago she hissed at a 5 year old little girl in our apartment. 

Hair up, most of the time she cowers in fear.  Under the table, under the bed, wherever she can find safety from those horrible monsters called babies and small children. Before you write this off as stranger wariness, know that she has no problem whatsoever with adults. She'll stroll right up to them and once she even had the audacity to bite a visiting friend who had dared pet her the 'wrong' way. Oy vey. I even think she's more scared of children and infants than of the vacuum cleaner, and that's saying something... 

Like I said, come April, we just might have a problem... 

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