Saturday, June 16, 2012

French Craftiness

Alas, I live in the land of wine... I'm no wino, but I do like a good glass of it every now and then. The problem is, the in the closet tree hugger in me always wants to know then what to do with all those bottles and corks once I'm finished (I blame it on college in Seattle). But a little while ago I stumbled across this on Pinterest:

I've got frames, corks, and lots of jewelry...I can totally do this! So I did. And here's how it went:

I took an extra white frame I had lying around and took out the glass and picture inside of it. (Even better for my little tree hugger self--I can re-use something from around the house!) 

Then I gathered all my little cork friends together...

After playing around a bit decided that the corks looked better cut in half with my exacto knife. 

Then I started messing around with the layout. I didn't really have a set plan in place, I just tried a few things out and then decided whether I liked them or not (a sad little attempt to develop my spontaneous side). Originally I had wanted to include my French cider corks as well but with their funky shape and all, I decided to toss that idea. The corks on the edges of the frame I had to trim to size. Then I hot glue gunned all of my little corks inside the frame and that was that! (Things turned a bit interesting though when I realized that my new hot glue gun had a slight drooling problem--I had plastic strings all over the place before I thought to grab the nearest scrap paper available. Of course, too bad it turned out to be the owner's manual for the blow up air mattress that we had borrowed from friends...)

And here's how it turned out! (I personally love it--it makes getting ready in the morning such a breeze because I can see a bunch of my options and don't have to hunt anymore!) 

Of course, I've got more jewelry (esp earrings!) than that so I'll be back with another project or two soon :) 

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Kelsey said...

nice! i've totally seen this one (or maybe reposted it) and i've been saving corks as well. perhaps i'll borrow your glue gun sometime...