Sunday, May 20, 2012

Week 5

Yep, that about sums it up... But don't you wish there was some little health fairy out there telling you exactly when that day would be when you're supposed to take it off? Of course, maybe the wait would discourage any of us (weight loss superheros exempt of course) from even getting our butts off the couch and trying if we knew how long it would take in the first place! 
I'm not proud to say that week 5 hasn't been all that great. Yes, I did the workouts--but not all in a row (aka everyday) and with a bit of unhealthy eating thrown in there for kicks as well. Getting back and focused again after two weeks of vacation has been harder than I anticipated and instead of losing that kilo and a half (about 3 pounds) that I gained, I took on another two tenths of one this past week... Erggh... double erggh. 
Two tenths you might say (or a kilo and a half for that matter) is not the end of the world and I agree with you. It's more losing the momentum that was going for me before that is the hard part. But I knew this would be hard when I started and I'd like to finish strong. So I'm throwing myself back in the game with my last week, week 6. 

ps. I'm currently already halfway through week 6 and am happy to report that I weighed in yesterday and have lost half a kilo (1 pound). Almost done! 


Kelsey said...

You can do it!!!!!!

Tal said...

Thanks! I'm trying!