Thursday, May 17, 2012


RRRRoad trip! Welcome to Bourgogne, aka Burgundy, an awesome part of France located in the central/eastern part of the country. Think vineyards, stone buildings, flashy scaly-type roofs, and Beef Bourgogne (a type of French pot roast).  To spice up our easy-peasy route (once out of Paris you basically take Auto-route 6 all the way) we'd stop in random villages or follow chateau signs to our little hearts content before getting back on the highway and reaching our end destination, Beaune (pronounced like 'bone'). Here's the highlights... 

Gorgeous village views... 

This chateau is apparently so little known and unfrequented that the construction guys blocking the roadway were confused as to why we were there in the first place... :) (Definitely a 'No Toto, we're not in Paris anymore' moment for me!) 

What is a visit to France worth without trying a few escargot on your salad? I think we even have a new fan... 

I fell in love with Beaune--it's a wine making hub and former home to the power-hungry Dukes of Burgundy but what drew me personally was the walled old city (formerly the only city!) with around half of it battlements, ramparts, and moat still intact! What's so cool is that the rest of the city just rings around the old wall and they've turned the old moat into a type of green park space. A nice thing for a in the closet tree-hugger like myself. And of course I just had to get a closer look with a nice morning jog on the path around it. 

This is part of Beaune's Old City. 

Yes, people do drink wine around here. 

One day we opted for a Rick Steeve's driving tour through the vineyards and country villages which was fabuloso. 

Which meant lots of pictures... (shocker, I know!) 

Apparently the best time to visit the vineyards are in the fall because they're aflame with fall colors at that time of year. 

For once it wasn't raining! 

Can you see the scaly roof in the background? 

This one was for Matt, who ironically recognized this town from the scene of a well known French movie called 'La Grande Vadrouille'. This sign says that the scene actually took place there in front of the town hall. 

And then what trip wouldn't be complete without a breathtaking hilltop view of a castle?? This one happens to be called La Rochepot. 

Next up: Normandy! 

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Kelsey said...

Great pics! I've added Burgundy to my list now! At least I got to drive through it, but next time I'll have to stop.