Friday, April 13, 2012

Oh yes, I did...

I've just got to confess and come clean. There are some embarrassing stories that you keep to yourself (although I rarely seem to do that!) and others that just need to be shared with the world no matter what the cost to your reputation.Thankfully, by now I really don't have much of a reputation to protect so it makes the choice to share my embarrassing story with you all that much easier.

Picture the scene: it's my Monday morning (really Tuesday because Monday is a holiday in France) at about 7:00 am. I am frantically finishing a few last report cards in our spare room before I have to head off to school . Now, our spare room is uuuughly. It has become the dumping ground for anything and everything. It is where my unsuccessful seed attempts are. Where I get crafty and creative. Overflowing with scrapbook paper. Lined with books that we have no bookshelf for. So it should be no surprise to you that when I crouched down on the floor and hooked the laptop up to the printer (yes, there was so much stuff on the printer that I couldn't put the laptop on it) that I sat down on something. Only imagine my surprise when I realize that whatever I'm sitting on, it's getting very cold and making an odd noise. Unfortunately, I also fairly tired so the reaction time is a little slow going.

At last my brain tells myself that sitting on something that is not a chair + odd whizzing noise + very cold butt cheeks by now = not normal. So I jump up only to discover a little on the late side that....yes, drum roll please.....

I have spray painted my own butt in a lovely shade of metallic silver.
When they say coverage on all types of surfaces and easy application they're not kidding folks!

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Abbey Beke said...

Oh man Talia, I laughed so hard! This makes me think of a book I read once where this group of people was renting a villa and the bugs were really bad at night, so they looked for some bug spray in this villa. They found some and sprayed themselves, and the bugs. When they woke up they discovered it wasn`t bug spray, it was silver spray paint.
Thanks for sharing the story!