Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Vacation Begins

It's official. I have just passed my year-long crash course in teaching 2 and 3 year-olds to do more than just wet their pants. There were moments when I wasn't quite sure I could take another crying child screaming in my year but I persevered! And guess what--call me crazy but I"m going to do it again next year. Glutton for punishment? Maybe. But at least never boring :) In honor of surviving my first year, I thought I'd take an inventory...

Number of kids in my class: 15

Size of my classroom: about 15' x 15'

Classes in the whole school: 3

Staff: 5

Different nationalities at school: 18

Kids who didn't speak a word of English when they arrived: 13

Kids who couldn't get my name right almost all year long: 5

Of which was Tania: 1

Then, Auntie: 2

And next, Mister Talia: 1

And finally, Good Morning: 1

Presents received at the end of the year: 10

Boxes of chocolate received throughout the year: 7

Bottles of champagne received: 1

Days worked during the week: 4

Vacation time : 4.5....months (including summer)

Children who cried on the first day: 13

Children who cried every day for the first week: 3

Children who cried every day for the first two months: 1

Times the kids threw up at school during the year: 35

Instances where I was thrown up on: 2

Children who peed their pants: impossible to know

Lost voice: 2x

Birthday parties: 11

Calories gained from birthday cakes: not counting

Party bags: 165

Useless interns: too numerous to count

Interns who quit because there was too much cleaning involved: 2

Interns who quit because there was too little cleaning involved: 1

Interns that we wished would have quit: 10

Youngest intern: 13

Oldest intern: 45

Intern that convinced the children she was a witch: 1

Interns that played with the toys and play dough instead of supervising it: 5

African wall supervised and created by yours truly: 1

Complimentary jungle complete with hanging snakes: 1

Hours it took to complete the project: 15

Sanity lost over project: 100 %

Cuteness of my kids: priceless


Proud Parents said...

Did you realize you posted twice in one week????? Loved it!

See you soon, Pam

Kelsey said...

so funny! paul and i enjoyed that. hahaha

Tal said...

Pam, I thought you'd be proud of me for that one! My hope is to someday reach consistency... ;)

Anonymous said...

And a big hello to the wonderful jeep :D
Thanks to Y and B for destroying it in 2 seconds.