Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A little drama for your life

I'm back! Happy 2013 everyone! If the beginning of the new calendar year is a time for reflection, then how much more so maternity leave. Heck that's just about all you're authorized to do really. I, for one, have learned a few things about myself. For instance, I am way too addicted to Pinterest. I'm sure that psychologists will come up with a name for the condition one of these days. I also now understand why house arrest really is a sucky punishment (don't kill me but I used to think "That's not so bad"...not sure Paul, Queen Liliuokalani, or Aung San Suu Kyi would agree with me...). But my crowning self insight is the realization that I apparently must have a deep seeded desire to create havoc and mayhem in my life when I feel it is slightly lacking in outside input. 

Take today's lunch for example. All is going well; I've got soup heating on the stove when I smell something funny. This is not such a rare occurrence in my kitchen so it takes me awhile to investigate. There is a fire under my big soup pot. My first thought is literally, "How in the world does a stainless steel pot catch on fire?" 

It takes a bit for my genius IQ to kick in but I do realize that there is something under my big pot and on top of the hot gas burner. It's a cork hot pad. Under my soup. You see, apparently last night when I had set the freshly made soup on the counter (on top of a cork trivet of course) the cork decided to stick to the underside of the pot while being transferred to the fridge. The mooch that it is clung on for another free ride right onto my burner... 

Matt and I then followed our family emergency fire plan to the T: 
  1. Get Matt's attention with lots of "hmm....oh shoot. Oh man. Oh shoooot!" 
  2. Throw dish towel onto flaming stove while convincing Matt that dowsing it with water is not the solution. (before you judge, know that yours truly did that a couple of years ago, thus how I "found out" that it's not the world's greatest idea...)
  3. Matt runs in with giant beach towel which helps quell majority of flames.
  4. Take picture of burning stove for the blog. 

5.   Peek under towel only to discover stove is still on fire. 
6.   More frantic snuffing.
7.   Take a pic of the ensuing mess. 

8.  Eat slightly charcoally soup and think about alternate vacation destination plans for this summer :)

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Kelsey said...

Love your Sanders fire plan. :) I have a fire extinguisher under the counter that I would have no idea how to use and would probably forget I had until afterwards.